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Start learning system transformation yourself with the help of peers. And if you are an experienced peer in systems transformation you're invited to start co-creating on challenges. Our forthcoming platform will enable this and more.

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Fontys University of Applied Science


Fontys ICT has been a partner even before founding flooid. We are collaborating with Fontys in the Data Driven Business Lab where students have engaged in action learning on challenges such as defining a peer to peer learning platform on new organisations, an organisational culture scan and making sense of historical conflicts. All using natural language processing and graphs as key technologies. 

Platform Hybrid Electric Flying


Flooid has been consulting several people in the aviation sector on a learning and collaboration platform as a means to transform the aviation sector to a greener sector by long term possibility of hybrid electric flying.  

More engagements

Please contact us if you would like to know more. We are working hard on demonstrators and a minimum viable platform for release in different contexts soon.


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flooid i.o. is based in the Benelux with co-working offices in Antwerp, Eindhoven, Alkmaar