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In a time where the amount of information is growing exponentially the ability to learn as an organisation is key. Vice versa at learning institutions the capability to act as a student and learn from action is becoming key. These two trends are approaching each other and could enable lifelong learning.

“Tapping into knowledge flows becomes key for any organisation in a world of constant flux”.

Fluid has its very roots in learning about reinventing organisations through communities. It has been the cradle for a model of community based learning and innovation supported by a platform. Creating contexts for making explicit what is implicitly known resulting in collective learning. And play. Play is a surprisingly effective way of learning many people have unlearned. We view play as applied complexity.

Creating contexts for learning and innovation is an approach that will last longer than individual product or service innovation. We would even go further than that and learn together what learning and innovation really is. So you will have insight into creating the conditions for a truly innovative organisation.  

themes we co-create on

Learning about Learning
Social Learning and Platforms
Innovating Innovation
Pragmatic Imagination
Action Research
From Push to Pull
Scenario Thinking
Classic Learning Philosophers
Developmental Organisations
Ways of Knowing


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