All technological inventions have an impact on us. Yet our behaviour does not change overnight. At the same time the effects can be profound. Think of the effect of the television or the automobile.

In our current view we have ‘intelligent networks’, yet our behaviour including financing is still adapting. After all networks are ultimately complex so we need to organise ourselves according to network and complexity principles.

“Long term forces are leading to a need to fundamentally reassess the assumptions about what's required for success and to create value in this changing world”, John Hagel.

The shift in organising ourselves is so profound to all levels of society that we have embraced the term from John Hagel; the Big Shift. At a mundo level it will mean we will reinvent the current transnational institutions like a United Nations. At a macro level how governments are organized. The role of banks will also change. And at a business level the economy will become part of society dramatically changing business models.

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