Re-aligment of purpose with organisation starts with facilitating learning and design with everyone involved. Through a co-creative approach of alignment of an organization's knowledge, skills and actions a lasting impact will be reached. After all, the organisation will become resilient in the transformation process itself. 

“It's all about empowering thinking outside of the archetype” Cas Holman.

Co-creating for impact may be done through a multitude of different organisational forms many of which also relate to ‘intra-organisational’. Much value is created in the space in between organisations. Many of the names of new organisations relate to it. For example ad-hoc organisations, workgroups, start-ups, the edge organisations, ecosystems, communities, platforms and network organisations.

Our attention also goes to the interaction between online and offline, augmenting human capabilities with intelligent systems and driving exponential development with the creation of network effects.

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flooid i.o. is based in the Benelux with co-working offices in Antwerp, Eindhoven, Alkmaar