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flooid acts as a catalyst in the shift of systems creating impact in how we work, live and care for our environment. Our sense making indicates that many systems have reached their highest potential in relation to their context and need to shift. We do this by bringing people, knowledge and artificial intelligence together augmenting human capabilities, seamlessly integrating on- and offline worlds.

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The future of work and learning for a world in flux

Stefan Groenendal   to be published in October 2020

Exponential growth of knowledge forces student and workers  to tap into knowledge flows. We see these flows in online nodes and offline hubs. We suggest to scale these into a landscape of communities of practice and collaboration empowered by artificial intelligence AI.   

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Design for play
Ton Baan 21-09-2020

Designing for play is designing for learning to happen, for emergent learning. That is why flooid is a big fan of Cas Holman. Watch her and other designers in the excellent series of Abstract on Netflix.

Het is tijd voor een nieuw 'wij'
reposted with permission of NRC 21-09-2020

Het minder ik, meer wij spreekt NRC Columnist Christiaan Weijts aan. Maar zoek het niet in kleffe saamhorigheid of verbeten stammenstrijd, schrijft hij.

Students applying AI to platform on Sustainable Flying
Stefan Groenendal 21-09-2020

At Fontys University Data Driven students started a project to explore the use of data to scale learning and innovation in the field of Hybrid Electric Flying or Sustainable Flying


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