Changing perspectives on organisations and challenges can have a substantial impact. When Jos de Block worked as a local nurse he developed a view that an overly efficient system of local nursing needed a change to real care for the patient and involving the community around the patient. Read more >


Re-aligment of purpose with organisation starts with facilitating learning and design with everyone involved. Through a co-creative approach of alignment of an organization's knowledge, skills and actions a lasting impact will be reached. Read more >


All technological inventions have an impact on us. Yet our behaviour does not change overnight. At the same time the effects can be profound. Think of the effect of the television or the automobile.

In our current view we have ‘intelligent networks’, yet our behaviour including financing is still adapting. After all networks are ultimately complex so we need to organise ourselves according to network and complexity principles.

learn to learn

In a time where the amount of information is growing exponentially the ability to learn as an organisation is key. Vice versa at learning institutions the capability to act as a student and learn from action is becoming key. Read more >


Flooid offers tools to support the shift to augment human capabilities and enable scalable learning. We use technologies based on language and artificial intelligence to develop tools customised to your situation. Read more >


New organisations and tools require new practices to come to full circle. Some practices come naturally and some can be learned in a playful setting even and especially when we are working. Read more >


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